These are comments made by people who feel the therapy helped them.

The mother of an eight year old treated for Dyslexia and Food Allergies:
"Even people outside the family comment that he is a completely transformed boy, bright and with colour in his cheeks for the first time ever".

This was a response from a young woman in her twenties.
"I first came to the Rose Clinic at a difficult time in my life when I was suffering from, as then undiagnosed Crohn's Disease and Depression. Not only did my therapist walk beside me throughout my emotional difficulties but the therapy was also a large factor in the treatment of my Crohn's".

A 53 year old woman:
"I started to experience pains in my fingers, and was told by the doctor that this was just aging. She said it was early signs of arthritis setting in, and that I would just have to put up with it. After visiting the Rose Clinic and sorting out what my body needed the aches and pains disappeared within 3 months, and the regular sore throats and colds I had been experiencing became much less frequent."

"My son started out as a normal baby although he suffered from colic frequently. He started at a childcare placement when I went back to work and all seemed fine. Then when he reached 3 I was called more and more often to one side to be told he was misbehaving. By the time he was 4 things had escalated so badly that the staff were becoming frightened of him with his random and sudden violent outbursts. Doctors, health visitors, behaviour consultants all came to look at him and told me there was nothing wrong. The nursery told me it was my parenting. We moved nursery and all started well then it started to escalate again, behaviour consultants said he was bright and was ready for a school, it must be boredom. School came and now he acted out at nursery and at school. Year 2 and I was having serious talks with the school who wanted him on lunchtime expulsion.

More doctors, more consultants no one could tell me what was wrong. The school said he had mental health issues, had no empathy and in year 3 was segregated from the class in his own corner. He was screaming, hitting, biting, kicking and swearing at fellow pupils, teachers and care staff. I begged doctors to help me, I reprimanded, bargained with and begged him to behave. He would come home sobbing that he hated being like he was but couldn't explain why he did the things. He consistently wet the bed and defecated his underwear during the day.

At the end of my tether I confided in a friend about it all and she advised me to go to Rose Clinic. I didn't think it would work but after 5 years I was willing to try anything. Terry explained what she would do and I had no faith that any of it would work. I followed her advice though and in stages started to cut out gluten, dairy, nightshades, bananas, jam and apples. I gave him the course of vitamin and mineral tablets and thought well I'll just tick the box to say I've tried something else. But away from these foods and taking the tablets a miracle happened he slowly started to change. After 3 months the Childcare placement said he was a changed child. They didn't want to talk to me about incidents every day they slowed down to a few a week, I stopped getting calls from them to say there was an issue yet again. Unfortunately the school were unsupportive regarding foods and tablets so we switched school. Year 4 is the best year I've ever had they've only had one incident at the beginning of the year where he slammed his pen on a table! The childcare say he's been fine when I go to pick him up.

He's now a happy, healthy boy, he isn't a perfect angel and still gets the odd telling off for arguing over toys and other normal children things. But he accepts his punishment and apologises. We can look to reintroduce foods but he's doing so well and we're used to the foods we may not bother! Terry did such a fantastic job I went to see her about my heart problems and now I'm feeling healthier and we are a lot happier as a family.

I will never be able to thank Terry enough for what she's achieved for my family but she and her treatments are absolute lifesavers."

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