Mental Health

I have a particular interest in Mental Health. We live in a society that fosters poor mental health so working to counter this pressure can be quite a challenge.

Many people do not realise that diet can have a very real effect upon their mental health making any existing tendencies much worse. There are also many allergies that can affect the brain and make its job harder to do. For example aspartame, the sugar substitute found in many drinks now, is what is called an excitotoxin. It literally shakes the cells in the brain so hard that it can kill them off. There are other things that have a similar effect so understanding can make healing possible.

I use a range of supplements along with dietary modification, counselling and energy therapies to encourage the mind to heal. This can often be much more effective than drugs which come with unpleasant side effects. Serious mental health issues, including Post Traumatic Stress, can often respond surprisingly well to this approach so that medication can be reduced or tailed off.

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