Corona Virus

The infection known as CV19 is an unpleasant respiratory tract infection from which the vast majority of people recover without residual ill effects. 97.7% survive this virus without intervention because they have a robust immune response. Having caught it and recovered, it confers lifelong immunity. The most vulnerable people are those in the 70+ year old group, especially those with pre-existing conditions such as heart conditions, cancer and extreme overweight.

The Government declared it to be a infection of less concern on March 19th 2020 on its own website.

The Moderna website describes the injection as ’an injectable Operating System’ not a vaccine.

It does not confer immunity on those who take it, other than suggesting it may prevent death in the most severely affected hospitalised patients.

The injected are still able to become infected and they can then become asymptomatic carriers.

The delta and other variants, of which there could be hundreds are a degraded form and although more infectious are weaker and our immune systems can deal with them.

The Injectable system contains genetically manipulated material, a spiked protein which we have been told stays in the arm where it has been injected. In the event it actually migrates to all other organs in the body. Once there the protein is designed to keep on self-replicating and the body does not recognise it as an alien compound. It can then do a lot of damage seemingly affecting our most vulnerable organs. It does this via a clotting mechanism which affects the heart, particularly in young males. Other effects are damaging the liver, eyes, lungs, brain, ovaries and testes. The full list of side effects can be found on the websites of the manufacturers, They are: Moderna, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson, the ones most used in the UK.

Because they are so ineffective as a prophylaxis we are being advised to take regular boosters, probably every six months.

There are very safe and effective medicines for this infection both mainline pharmaceuticals and natural medicines but you will need to search for them or ask me about them.

A word about testing. If you have no symptoms you are not ill and do not need to be tested. You are not tested for scarlet fever or everyday flu so why this one, it is no different.

The PCR Polyamerase Chain Reaction test was developed for industrial science purposes and according to its inventor should never be used for testing for viruses because it was not designed for that purpose and therefore cannot do it. Endless testing throws up thousands of false positives and creates social confusion and disintegration.

The injections have been found to contain a range of substances that should cause us to look carefully into their usefulness. Here are some of them: A spiked protein which can change the function of our dna. Graphene Oxide, which vibrates at a very high frequency when in the presence of microwaves, aluminium, which can damage the brain, PEG Polyethelene Glycol, a lipid which can breach the blood brain barrier, bacteria, parasites and flagella. Other ingredients, which the manufacturers claim are undisclosed because of Industrial secrets legislation are unknown. Spanish scientists are using electron microscopes to try and discover what else may be in them because the particles are so small that the naked eye cannot see them.

Finally the issue of ‘Informed Consent’. Every medicine that you are given by your GP and doctor has a description of its contents, what it is being prescribed for, its mode of action and any possible side effects. This is a legal requirement. Any failure to make this information available is a criminal offence. From my experience in Clinic, most people are not being given the necessary information upon which to give their informed consent. Many people are being bullied, coerced or threatened with job loss if they decline the offer of the injection.

It is therefore imperative that everyone does their own research before subjecting themselves to this experimental medical device. It is experimental and does not conclude its trials (on us) until 2023 and beyond. I will list a few of the resources to help with your research. You may need to go to another search engine than google as they are removing valuable material that could be helpful. I use duckduckgo but there are others.

For up-to-date news see The UK Column broadcasts on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 1pm.

Dr. Mike Yeadon speaks from the perspective of an ex pharmaceutical CEO specialising in respiratory health and immunology.

Dr Reiner Fuelmich a lawyer who is following the legal implications of the many injuries and deaths that have followed the injections.

America’s Frontline Doctors who have developed protocols for protection and treatment of the virus.

I have also developed protocols for this condition and the damage done by the injection. If you would like an appointment please contact me here.

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