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Experts say 'Children should be taught to avoid junk food adverts'. These adverts have been banned on childrens TV. Has no-one told these experts that children also watch adult TV? This piece of inane advice is a bit like taking your child to the zoo, opening the lion's cage and pushing him in with the advice, 'Now I have told you to ignore anything that the lion may do to you'. No sane parent would do such a thing but as a nation we do this to our children every day - we allow them to be targeted by the psychological manipulations of the food industry.

Diabetes Type 2 is almost always a reversible condition.

Salt is not bad for you; it is essential to life. That is why it was used as currency. Salt brings out the flavour in our foods and stimulates the flow of gastric juices. Just make sure that it is unrefined sea salt which contains a range of essential minerals.

Low fat diets can cause depression and gall stones. Low fat diets have coincided with a huge increase in heart disease. The best fats for heart health are found in oily fish, pasture fed and naturally reared animals. ie. not confined in sheds and fed Genetically modified soya and filled with anti-biotics. 

Chlorine used to wash vegetables and purify swimming pools is a halide and can depress thyroid function.

Processed food has led to widespread malnutrition and obesity - and yes, the two can, and usually do coexist.

The staff of life (bread) can contain up to 20 different additives, high levels of yeast and low nutritional value. Modern wheat has been bred with high gluten levels. Gluten is a protein to which many people are becoming sensitive. Coeliac disease which is caused by damage to the gut wall by gluten is becoming widespread.

Sugar, except in small quantities depresses the immune system. If you get frequent infections look at your sugar intake.

'Let food be your medicine: Let medicine be your food'  Hippocrates. The father of medicine.

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