Alzheimer’s Disease

The name Alzheimer’s is guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of most baby boomers. And rightly so because it causes terrible suffering to those involved, carers as well as sufferers. The good news is that the latest research into brain function has discovered that high levels of homocystine in the brain contribute to the deterioration of the cells. Bringing down these high levels can be done with a range of nutrients including fatty acids and B vitamins. To be effective these have to be tailor made to individual need, ie, there is not a one size fits all dose. We are all unique and so are our nutritional needs.

The incidence of Alzheimer’s is set to reach the highest level ever recorded in the coming years and we need to be proactive in preventing this epidemic. Fortunately it is now possible to prevent this serious disorder from wreaking havoc on individuals and families if it is caught early enough. So you may only be getting irritated that you keep losing your keys and forgetting people’s names but don’t take the risk of letting things get worse take the first steps in prevention.

Get your GP to check that all else is well as other conditions can mimic Alzheimer’s, and maybe do the online screening test (click here). Then come and let me work out an appropriate nutritional protocol for you.

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